Your tax consultant in Hamburg – also in French

Because every client relationship is characterised by individual expectations and goals, the focus is on providing my clients with personal and tailored advice

Steuerberater Verlin Mavioga Traoré

Verlin Mavioga Traoré Certified Tax Consultant, Master of Arts (M.A.)


Qualification as Certified Tax Consultant, Chamber of Tax Consultants Hamburg

2016 – 2017

Aspirant Tax Consultant and Certified Tax Consultant at a great-sized company of auditors and Tax Consultants, focused on support for property investors and property developers, Hamburg

2012 – 2015

Assistant consultant at a great-sized asset and investment management company, focused on maritime business, Hamburg


Finance, Accounting, Corporate Law and Taxation, Master of Arts (M.A.) HTW University of Applied Sciences, Berlin


European Finance & Accounting, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) HSB University of Applied Sciences, Bremen


European Business, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) EMN Ecole de Management de Normandie, Caen France

I carry out all tasks related to tax returns, be it for companies, freelancers, self-employed or private individuals, and assist you in the preparation and submission of these tax returns, also in French. For companies, I not only prepare the payroll and salary statements of your employees. Your financial accounting, which is the basis of your operational decision-making processes, is also in good hands with your tax consultant and at the end of the business year I will prepare a high-quality annual financial statement for you. We will conduct the interviews in French.

In addition to the classic core competence, I can also advise you – in French if you wish – on business management issues, such as liquidity planning or profit forecasts. I also provide advice for business start-ups, be it in the selection of the appropriate legal form and location or the VAT registration as well as the submission of the advance VAT return. Especially at the beginning of your business start-up it is important to have a competent and experienced partner at your side to avoid beginner’s mistakes. As your tax advisor, I will work with you from the very beginning on your business plan, which you will need for bank talks. If necessary, I will take care of the registration with the tax office and the business registration, also in French if you wish so.

Service is very important to me, therefore I offer you a 48h feedback guarantee on the channel you prefer. I will be happy to advise you at any time via online conference, e.g. Skype, also available in English or French. If you wish, I can remind you of your upcoming deadlines and appointments by SMS or e-mail. .