Competent support with your private tax return

We provide you with competent advice in all your tax matters and questions concerning private tax returns. Of course we accompany you into the world of digitalisation, where paper deserts in the household belong to the past.

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Extension of the deadline until 31.12.

If necessary, I can apply for an extension of the deadline for submitting your private tax return until the end of the current year

Increase tax saving potential

When preparing your private tax return, I make sure that your tax saving potential is increased.


Documents can be found at any time and are clearly arranged. You save time and nerves when searching for specific documents


Gladly we advise you at any time also comfortably by on-line conference over e.g. Skype

48h feedback guarantee

on your preferred channel


If you wish, we will remind you by SMS or e-mail of your upcoming deadlines and dates

Tax declaration

Preparation of your income tax returns

Preparation of your inheritance and gift tax returns

Advice in terms of generational change (anticipated inheritance)


Development of a digital filling system to organize your tax-related documents

The relevance of paper documents gets obsolete with a transparent data pool

Preparation of your tax matters throughout the year

Comprehensive tax consulting

Assistance at any issue regarding the field of tax law

Communication with the tax authority

Pick-up and delivery service for your tax-related documents

SMS notification to inform you about your upcoming tax matters on time

48h-reply guarantee

We counsel you on your preferred way:

As a tax advisor in Hamburg, I can advise you competently in all your tax matters and questions, also in French.

Service and the satisfaction of my clients are very important to me, therefore I offer a 48h feedback guarantee on your preferred channel. I would be happy to advise you at any time on your private tax return, also conveniently via online conference via Skype, for example. If you wish, I can remind you of your upcoming deadlines and appointments by SMS or e-mail. At our tax consultancy office in Hamburg Mitte, we are also available for appointments at short notice and at flexible times and even offer a collection and delivery service for your tax documents.

The tax consultancy Hamburg Mitte accompanies you into the world of digitalisation, in which paper deserts in the household are a thing of the past. I will be happy to support you in English and French and will carry out all the tasks involved in your private tax return.

For private individuals, the preparation of their private tax return is a tiresome duty and the preparation is anything but easy. Even if you know German, the preparation of the tax return is very complicated and difficult, especially with regard to the very legal and official German wording, which is not understandable for everyone. In addition, there are also the tax law aspects, which in some cases are constantly changing due to numerous laws. For the private tax return, the prefabricated official and sometimes page-long forms are then also mandatory, such as the main form of the jacket sheet as well as the various attachments and forms, where the client no longer knows exactly which attachment to use and is very opaque.

Here you can fully relax as my clients, as I am a competent and reliable tax advisor who will assist you with your private tax return, also in English and French.

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