Legal Policy

Verlin Mavioga Traoré - Steuerberater
(HBC im Hanse-Viertel GmbH)
Poststraße 33
20354 Hamburg

Tel: +49 (0)40 226 37 971
Fax: +49 (0)40 226 37 975

VAT ID: DE312005233

Supervisory Authority:

The competent supervisory authority is the Chamber of Tax Advisors Hamburg.
Kurze Mühren 3
20095 Hambourg

Tel: 040/4480430
Fax: 040/445885

Public register

(See chamber affiliation)

Professional Liability Insurance

The professional liability insurance is with HDI Versicherung AG HDI Versicherung AG
HDI-Platz 1
30659 Hannover

Occupational title: Certified Tax consultant

Awarded by the Chamber of Tax Advisors Hamburg

Professional regulations

The legal profession of tax consultants was awarded in the Federal Republic of Germany (state of Hamburg). The professional profession of tax consultants is essentially subject to the following provisions of professional law:
  1. Steuerberatungsgesetz (StBerG, or German Tax Advice Act);
  2. Durchführungsverordnung zum Steuerberatungsgesetz (DVStB, or German Ordinance for Implementing the Regulations for Tax Consultants);
  3. Berufsordnung (BOStB, Professional Regulations);
  4. Steuerberatergebührenverordnung (StBGebV, of German Tax Consultants’ Fees Ordinance).


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