We provide expert advice regarding national and international tax law matters. We evaluate your established tax-saving schemes and examine the utilization of your fiscal rights.

Beratungsgespräch mit afrikanischem Kunden, Steuerberater Afrika, Steuerberater afrikanisch, Steuerberater Französisch, Einbringung eines Betriebes in eine GmbH, Umwandlung eines Betriebes in ein GmbH und OHG


„Can my company be merged with an existing or newly formed company?“
„Can my company be reorganized into a limited company (GmbH), limited partnership (KG) or general partnership (OHG)?“

Restructuring a company involves a wide range of questions. We assist and provide you with optimal tax management in the following conversion processes of your company:
  1. Change of legal form
  2. Accretions
  3. Divisions and outsourcing
  4. Mergers
  5. Change of shareholders
  6. Liquidation of companies

Business Consulting

As tax consultants, we consider ourselves as long-standing partners.

Whether it requires the preparation of partnership agreements or real estate agreements – we evaluate and advice your projects taking into account all tax-relevant aspects. Familiar with the business activities of our clients, we ensure forward-thinking tax management. Thus, opportunities and risks can be identified in advance.

Regarding business consulting we offer the following range of services:
  1. Short-term income statements
  2. Balance sheets analysis
  3. Cost, profitability and liquidity analysis
  4. Investment, profit and liquidity calculation
  5. Cost center accounting
Beratungsgespräch mit zufriedenem Kunden, Besprechung mit Kunden, Besprechung mit Geschäftsführern, kompetenter  Steuerberater, zuverlässiger  Steuerberater, jung und dynamischer  Steuerberater, guter Steuerberater, erfahrener  Steuerberater

Further Services

  1. Tax burden comparison and tax management
  2. Organization of succession and inheritance
  3. Advice in terms of external tax audit
  4. Preparation of reports and statements
  5. Assistance and advice in opposition proceedings
  6. Representation before tax authorities
  7. Assistance and advice in preparation of a voluntary self-disclosure
  8. Full advice and support during the procedure of self-disclosure

Please contact us for extensive consulting.
We will also be happy to advise you in German and French.